Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alias Smith and Jones

Alias Smith and Jones was released in 1971 directed by Gene Levitt and written by Douglas Heyes and Glen A. Larson. Starring Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes also known as Joshua Smith and Ben Murphy as Jed Kid Curry also known as Thaddeus Jones. The partners were offered amnesty by the government in the condition that they will help in bringing in a gang of desperadoes. They thought it was that simple but as they go along their journey they found out that there is something beyond the condition itself.


Hondo debuted on the TV screens in 1953, it was directed by John Farrow with the writing credits of Louis L'Amour and James Edward Grant. Starring John Wayne, the story was about Hondo Lane, a despatch rider of the calvary met Angie Lowe who lives with her young son at Apache. In the latter part of the series lane has to kill Angie's real husband to save Angie from a forced marriage to one of the Apache. Lane encoutered Vittorio and to save Lane's life, Angie pretended that he is his husband, she is unaware that Lane is the person who killed his real husband. Lane knows he can't hide the truth for a long time but he has to live with a lie.

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years was a family comedy tv show about the life of a 12-year-old boy (Fred Savage) growing up in the 1960s United States. There was regular narrative from a "grown-up" Kevin which provided insight into what he was thinking when he was 12 and what he thought about the same situation years later.


Hunter was launched on NBC in the year 1984 and lasted until 1991. It was created by Frank Lupo and the executive producers was Stephen J. Cannell and was co produce by Lorimar Productions. The tv show was about a cop, Rick Hunter who has two main issues in his job as being a police, his family is involve in organize crimes and most of his partners get seriously injured. Thus, most cops don't trust him at all. Captain Cain forces him to see a psychiatrist and if he wants to work in the field he must have a partner, and since almost nobody wants to be with him, he choses Bernie Terwilleger who is a less competent cop and is willing then. But at the later part, he found out that Bernie can;t give his all in solving the case given to them that's why Hunter decided to solve the case in his own.

The Gallant Men

The Gallant Men DVD

The Gallant Men was debuted on the 21st of September 1962 and ended on the 14th of September 1963. It follows the story of American infantry company as they fight their way through Italy. They were led by Jim Benedict, their determined captain. Along with him are Lt. Frank Kimbro, PFC Pete D' Angelo, the inseparable Private Lucavich and Hanson, and Private Roger Gibson.