Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hunter was launched on NBC in the year 1984 and lasted until 1991. It was created by Frank Lupo and the executive producers was Stephen J. Cannell and was co produce by Lorimar Productions. The tv show was about a cop, Rick Hunter who has two main issues in his job as being a police, his family is involve in organize crimes and most of his partners get seriously injured. Thus, most cops don't trust him at all. Captain Cain forces him to see a psychiatrist and if he wants to work in the field he must have a partner, and since almost nobody wants to be with him, he choses Bernie Terwilleger who is a less competent cop and is willing then. But at the later part, he found out that Bernie can;t give his all in solving the case given to them that's why Hunter decided to solve the case in his own.


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This old tv series is very popular in mid of 1970, and it is now available on DVD movie collection.

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